Dune Armor Male
The Dune Armor is an Hard Mode armor that is dropped from Roc. It is a great armor for melee players.


  • Dune HelmDune Helm: 9 defense, +15% increased ranged/melee damage, +10% not to consume ammo, +10% melee attack speed.
  • Dune ChestplateDune Mantle: 17 defense, +13% increased ranged/melee critical chance, +13% melee/ranged attack speed.
  • Dune PantsDune Leggings: 10 defense, +10% jump height, +10% movement speed.
  • Set bonus: Damaging sand explodes out of the player when hurt. Successful melee and ranged attacks also inflict explosive sand damage.


Credit for this idea goes to zoomo.

His profile can be viewed here:

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