The Corruption Blade is a sword crafted with 10 Dark Shards, 4 Ebonwood, 5 Souls of Night, 5 Souls of Might, 20 Cursed Flames and a Broken Hero Sword. It is one of the strongest swords in the game pre-War Mode

It is used to craft the Unified Blade


  •  10 Dark Shards 
  •  4 Ebonwood 
  •  5 Souls of Night 
  •  5 Souls of Might 
  •  20 Cursed Flames 
  •  1 Broken Hero Sword 

  Crafted at: 

  •  Mythril/Oricalchum Anvil


  • When swung, the Corruption Blade will release a shower of purple particles that do small damage to opponents.
  • When it hits an enemy, the user gains a +3 stat bonus in melee attacks for 10 seconds.
  • When it hits an enemy, they will be inflicted with the Cursed Inferno debuff.

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