The Clown is an NPC that may arrive on a Blood Moon in Hardmode if there is an available house for him. He sells joke weapons and items and looks like a clown.

It may be hard to keep the Clown safe on his first night, as monsters swarm on Blood Moons.

Clown's items

Clown's names

  • Fosbury
  • Jim
  • Troll
  • Lolli
  • Bozo

Clown's quotes

  • "Ho ho ho! Oh, wrong quote. Hee hee!"
  • "Say, buddy, want an exploding cigar?"
  • "Superballarang!"
  • "Hey, I could start up a circus troupe!" (Blood Moon)
  • "Wanna join my act?" (Clown Clothes must be equipped)
  • "I KEEL you!"

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