Exploding Blazing Star


Incendiary Blazing Star

The Blazing Star is a magical returning Shuriken. It inflicts the 'On Fire!' debuff and can pierce up to 5 enemies and leaves a small fire or an explosion when it hits a solid block or a fifth enemy, the fire burns for 1 second. When using the Blazing Star there is a 50% chance for throwing either type.


  • 57 Magic Damage
  • 29 Magic Damage (Fire)
  • 32 Magic Damage (Explosion)
  • Fast speed
  • Very Weak Knockback
  • Strong Knockback (Explosion)
  • The Incendiary Blazing Stars inflict the 'Scorching' debuff.


Crafted at:

  • Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

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