Big Fishy is a War Mode miniboss that rarely spawns in large pools in the Jungle. It is an aquatic boss that swims around about twice as fast as the player. It has 8000 Heart and a base attack power of 100.

First stage

During the first stage of the fight, Big Fishy will swim after the player, dealing 100 damage on each hit. It will occasionally float up to the surface, leap out, and come back down. When it does this, the player and all other monsters in the water are pushed away violently and take 25 damage.

Second stage

The second stage is unlocked when Big Fishy reaches 4000 Heart. It then gains two attacks: a rapid charge at the player, dealing 200 damage, and a "bite" attack that deals 300 damage and inflicts the Bleeding debuff.


  • 75  Gold Coin

Only one of the following will be dropped

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