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The Apocalypse is a War Mode post-Mechantera event that is summoned with a Doomsday Emblem at night (although the event does not end at dawn). It has twelve unique enemies, two of which are mini-bosses and three of which are bosses. It is considered to be the War Mode version of the Solar Eclipse.



The Doomsday Emblem is the only way to manually summon the Apocalypse event.

Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Doomsday Emblem Doomsday Emblem Destroyer Emblem Destroyer Emblem Tinkerer's Workshop (placed) Tinkerer's Workshop
Apocalypse Charm Apocalypse Charm


The Apocalypse has a 10% (1 in 10) chance of spawning naturally on any given night after Mechantera has been defeated. After defeating Mechantera, it is recommended that players immediately take safety precautions in preparation of the apocalypse.


Characters Unique Drops For Sale
Doomsday Bunny Doomsday Bunny Doomsday Bunny Banner Doomsday Bunny Banner
Doomsday Zombie Doomsday Zombie Doomsday Zombie Banner Doomsday Zombie Banner
Indigo Slime Indigo Slime Indigo Gel Indigo Gel
Slime Banner (placed) Slime Banner
Apocalypse Soldier Apocalypse Soldier Apocalypse Banner Apocalypse Banner
Apocalypse Guard Apocalypse Guard Apocalypse Banner Apocalypse Banner
Cataclysmic Warrior Cataclysmic Warrior Banner
Cataclysm Sorcerer Cataclysm Sorcerer Banner
Count Ragnarok Count Ragnarok Count's Crown Count's Crown
Count's Tunic Count's Tunic
Count's Slacks Count's Slacks
Ragnarok Countship Banner (Placed) Ragnarok Countship Banner
Countess of Ragnarok Ragnarok Countship Banner (Placed) Ragnarok Countship Banner
Ragnarok Dragon Frostfire Boots Frostfire Boots
Dragon Saddle
Soulofhight Soul of Height

Ragnarok Dragon Trophy Ragnarok Dragon Trophy

Cataclysmo Cataclysmo Trophy
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
Espylacopa Espylacopa Trophy Espylacopa Trophy
Skull Necklace Skull Necklace

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