The Angel is an NPC that will move in to a vacant house if it is made out of clouds and the player has died at least 50 times or crafted/obtained a pair of Wings..


  • 250 Heart
  • 15 Defense


  • Emits light


Item Price Special Conditions
Cloudsword 20  Gold Coin None
Angel Robe 10  Gold Coin Night
Nimbus Bolt 1  Platinum Coin Raining
Eclipse Disk 30  Gold Coin Solar Eclipse


  • Amelia
  • Ashton
  • Grace
  • Heart
  • Luna
  • Skyler
  • Sola
  • Viridian
  • Zal


  • "I am your guardian, I am the helper, you, are the prophecy!"
  • "You should tell (Arms Dealers name) to stop shooting at my clouds, he keeps making them rain with anger." (only if Arms Dealer is present)
  • "I don't get how my high flying experience was delayed here."
  • "Is the moon hellishly red today, or is it just me?" (Blood Moon)
  • "Does this mean my halo is all infested from (Truffle's name)'s spores?" (Only if Truffle is present)
  • "Make sure to look after the peaceful people your village has!" (At Nighttime)
  • "The Paladin keeps giving me the blood of fallen monsters, I don't know why." (Only if Paladin (NPC) is present)

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