The Ancient Wisp is a War Mode boss which is summoned by the Paranoia Dust which is crafted with 50 Pixie Dust, 5 Antlion Mandibles, a Wisp in a Bottle, 99 Aridite Bars, and 30 Ectoplasm at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. It can also be spawned naturally with a message saying "You see a giant ball of sand hurtling toward you..." It has 55000 Heart, 120 melee damage, 100 ranged damage, and 10 defense.


Phase One

The Ancient Wisp will start firing giant balls of sand which explode on impact without destroying tiles, they can inflict the Sand in the Eyes debuff if hit by one. It will also summon Dried Wisplings that swoop down to damage you. After 20 seconds or so the Ancient Wisp will charge at you leaving a trail of sand behind the Wisp.

Phase Two

When the Ancient Wisp's health falls to 30000 Heart, instead of spawning Dried Wisplings, it will spawn Anubis Souls which will fire lasers from their eyes. The Ancient Wisp will also clone itself 3 times, the fake clones will have 1 HP, but hovering your cursor over them, they will display the Ancient Wisp's health. The downside is that it loses all its defense, so try to get the maximum DPS in this phase.

Phase Three

When the Ancient Wisp's health finally falls to 5000 Heart, it will stop spawning Anubis Souls and start firing lasers in random directions while spinning around, it will also try to land on you from a high height, dealing a whopping 300 damage if the wisp hits you (ignoring defense). The Ancient Wisp's defense will also raise by 50, so attain the most DPS in that phase and the Wisp will fall.


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